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Picture Of Perfect Youth 3LP Vinyl

Triple LP $12.99

Release Date: 10/08/2004

Discs: 3

Picture of Perfect Youth is a limited triple vinyl collection of approximately half of Feeder's B-sides.

A1. Emily
A2. Living In Polaroid
A3. Opaque
A4. Power Of Love
A5. Broken
A6. Lose The Fear
B1. Remember The Silence
B2. Tomorrow Shine
B3. Purple
B4. Space Age Hero
B5. Can't Stand Losing You
B6. Just A Day
C1. Slowburn
C2. Elegy
C3. 21st Century Meltdown
C4. Home For Summer
C5. Here In The Bubble
C6. Forgiven
D1. Feel It Again
D2. Getting To Know You Well
D3. Whooey
D4. Bullet
D5. World Asleep
D6. Rain
E1. Eclips
E2. Oxidige
E3. Bad Hair Day
E4. Come Back Around
E5. Circles
E6. Spill
F1. Rubberband
F2. Slider
F3. Can't Dance To Disco
F4. TV Me
F5. Wishing For The Sun
F6. Undivided